NOTE (July 2010): I just noticed that Google has removed the attachements from the documents that all these links lead to.  This may have been the case for a long time.  Sorry.  That's very frustrating for me because I worked hard to get all those papers to a place where they would outlast me and potentially my academic career.  I'll have to fix that.

This is a list of the papers I've published, in chronological order. If you follow the links, they will take you to Google base items with abstract, bibtex, and a link to the PDF version. The cute thing about using Google base items is that they are standalone "web items" that exist out on the Internet. If this page ever disappears, or I move it, the actual papers won't move... they will (in theory) be there as long as Google keeps the base service running. If you try out this approach, I'd love to hear how it works out for you.








      • John Anderson, Brian Tanner, and Ryan Wegner. Peer reinforcement in homogeneous and heterogeneous multi-agent learning. In Proceedings of the IASTED International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing 2002.
      • John Anderson, Ryan Wegner, and Brian Tanner. Exploiting opportunities through dynamic coalitions in robotic soccer. In Proceedings of the AAAI International Workshop on Coalition Formation in Dynamic Multiagent Environments. 2002.
      Brian Tanner,
      Mar 15, 2012, 7:08 PM