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Baby Pool

posted Jul 20, 2008, 11:08 AM by Brian Tanner

I'm a person that likes games, and I've been known to gamble once in a while.  Further, I realize that this whole "having a baby" thing is quite serious, and I want to lighten it up a bit. 

So I welcome you to the 2008 Baby Tanner Baby Pool.


The idea is to gamble on which day the baby will be born.  Each bet is $5.  Each person can bet on multiple days, and each day can be bet on by multiple people.

No IOUs.  Bets must be paid for before they are registerd.

The payoff structure is very simple: If the baby is born on day X, all of the people who bet on day X split the entire pool.  We'll go by the date on the birth certificate, as I'm sure that's an official-enough source of information.  Also, whether its a regular birth or a C-section, natural timing or induced:  all bets are still on.  We are not doing a planned or scheduled C-section.

This is not a 50/50 or similar draw, we'll only take a share of the money if we bet fair and square and win.

If the baby comes on a day the nobody has picked, the money will go into an RESP for baby Tanner's post-secondary education.  I'm not to worried about this because someone will probably scoop up the unclaimed days.

The cutoff will be Tuesday, January 15th.

Registered Bets

Here are the dates already chosen:

 Jan 20
 28 Vanessa H
 29 1 Martha
 30 1 Jim
 31 Getting Induced 1 Anna
 Feb 1 1


 2 1 Dawn
 3 1 Dawn
 4 2MJ, Martha
 5 Alex
 7 2Jess E, MarkLee
 8 2Granny, Rich
 2 Nolan,Gord
 10 2 AndrewT, Alyssa
 11 3 Nolan, Shayna, Leah
 12 2Ruth, Robin
 13 2Mandy, Brian 
 14 3 Tim, Allie,Irka
 15 2Terry, Dianne,  
 16 1 JasonH,
 17 1 Lynne
 18 1 Shayna
 19 1 Joel
 22 1 Steve
 1 PaulG
 25 induced by now   
 Total39 $195