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Join the RL Mailing List

posted Jul 20, 2008, 10:36 AM by Brian Tanner

I've finally gotten around to publicizing the Reinforcement Mailing List (rl-list), a google group for the RL community to discuss events and research topics and to post files and create pages!

 Here is the e-mail I sent out to invite our group to this list:

Hi there. You're receiving this invite to the reinforcement learning mailing list (RL-List)!

If you have already joined the RL-List, please ignore this e-mail and accept my apologies.

Currently, the list is just a rough shell of what I think it can become. Feel free to really jump in, request to become a group manager, and help us to shape this group into what we want it to be!

Here is the group's description:
This is the discussion group for reinforcement learning, managed by a group of graduate students and faculty in the reinforcement learning community. The  idea of this group is to announce and discuss ideas and events that are relevant to the reinforcement learning community at large. Members are invited to send messages, create pages, and upload files to the group in order to better share information amongst ourselves.

You should sign up to the list with your preferred Google account (not necessarily Gmail) if you have one.  You can sign up at the RLAI home page:

Of course you can subscribe and unsubscribe at your leisure with whatever accounts you want. The group address is:

It's useful to bear in mind that you'll need to register a Google account for whatever e-mail address you intend to send mail *from* when addressing the list.

Basically, just sign in to Google however you normally do, and then come to and find the link to "join this group".  You can set options to change your e-mail delivery schedule (every e-mail,  daily digest, or no e-mail).